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Instagram fosters communities of support

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We bring organizations, experts, academics, and communities together to educate people about ways to have safe and positive experiences on Instagram.

Pressure to be Perfect

How to be your whole self safely and take care of yourself and others on Instagram. Resources available at Pressure to be Perfect.

Promoting Compassion

Inspiring communities in Brazil to promote a better, more inclusive internet with #ÉdaminhaConta.

Speaking Authentically

#RealConvo works to normalize conversations about mental health and inspire people to find supportive communities — on and offline.

Fostering Body Acceptance

Supporting people at all stages of body acceptance and eating disorder recovery to know their stories are valid and to find community with #ComeAsYouAre.

Creatively Combating Bullying

Bringing together teens and experts around the world to inspire creative anti-bullying resources and features.

Managing Time Online

#TimeWellSpent brings together young people, experts and policymakers to brainstorm ideas on making the time you spend online well spent.

Teen Counter Speech Fellowship

Engaging creative teens in India to start conversations around challenges they face, like bullying, well-being, and body positivity.

Encouraging Kindness

Spreading kindness from the comment section on Instagram to physical spaces in communities around the world with #KindComments.


If you or someone you love is going through a difficult time, please contact an organization that can provide the support you need.


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