Reels Surprise

Reels Surprise is a bonus program where you can earn up to $20,000 for creating some of the most entertaining and engaging Reels on Instagram.

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How it works

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when participating.

  1. Make sure that your Instagram account is public. Then, keep creating and sharing your best reels.
  2. If you are selected for the Reels Surprise bonus, you'll get a notification in the Instagram app that takes you to your Professional Dashboard, where you'll need to set up both a professional account and bonuses to receive your earnings.
  3. Once you follow the steps to set up bonuses (and receive your earnings), you can stay tuned for future bonus opportunities.


To increase your chances of being selected, please refer to our Reels “Do’s and Don’ts” below.

DO post a reel that:

  • Is entertaining and fun — e.g. it delights people, grabs their attention, makes them laugh or has a fun surprise or twist
  • Is inspiring — e.g. starts a trend that others can easily participate in
  • Uses Instagram creative tools like text, filters or camera effects
  • Uses vertical video (9x16 aspect ratio)
  • Uses music from the Instagram music library and/or original audio you create or find on Reels
  • Is an experiment! Try something new, be yourself and see what works for you

DON’T post a reel that:

  • Is blurry due to low resolution
  • Is recycled from other apps (e.g. contains watermarks)
  • Is uploaded with a border around it
  • What are some of the things you think about before you post something on Instagram?
  • If you have multiple Instagram accounts, what do you share in each account?
  • Your reel will receive a label that others can see.


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You don’t have to do anything other than share your most entertaining reels.

Selected creators can earn up to $20,000.

Anyone who meets our Community Guidelines and Partner Monetization Policies, is based in the US, is at least 18 years old, has a public IG account, is new to Bonuses, and has created a reel with at least 1,000 views. The program is evolving and additional users may become eligible over time.

We are rewarding up to 150 reels per week!

Yes, you’ll need a professional account if you don’t have one already. If your reel is selected for Reels Surprise, you’ll be notified in Instagram and will have the opportunity to switch to a professional account in order to set up bonuses and receive your earnings. Learn more about professional accounts.

For tips on creating fun, entertaining reels, watch some of these tutorials below.

How to transition

How to use Remix

How to use AR effects

How to use Voiceover

kids at skate park


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