Our gradient in a new light

Our gradient is one of Instagram’s most recognizable elements. Looking to the future, we amplified it with new dimensionality and vibrancy.



Made from light

Our gradient is reimagined. The blending and balance of projected colored light illuminates the way forward to a new dimension.

Always in motion

What started as a static, polaroid rainbow is now a living array of color that can guide and play. Responding to its context, it invites interaction. Built to live on and off the app, the gradient is dynamic, able to shift in composition and color balance in a 2D or 3D space.

Used with purpose

The gradient is a guiding light towards exploration and discovery — igniting curiosity on the app in Story rings and the icon, and in our communication, as the backbone of our color palette.

new instagram visual refresh font of a different language

The gradient is created from our vibrant 5-color palette. Our colors are dynamic, shifting composition and balance in a 3D space. It brings our colors to life, allowing them to shift in composition and balance through the use of light.