How to See More of What You Want on Instagram

August 30, 2022

It’s important to us that you feel good about the time you spend on Instagram, so we’re always working on ways to give you more control over what you see. Our ranked feed prioritizes posts we think you’re most likely to enjoy, but we understand that we may not always get it right. There are a number of ways you can shape your experience on Instagram and see more of what you want on your feed.

Understand how we personalize your feed

One of the ways we personalize your feed is by predicting how likely you are to do something with a post you see. The more likely you are to take an action, and the more heavily we weigh that action, the higher up you’ll see the post in your feed. There are many interactions we take into consideration, but five interactions we look at most closely are how likely you are to spend a few seconds on a post, comment on it, like it, reshare it, and tap on the profile photo. You can learn more about the signals that help us personalize your Instagram here.

Add accounts to Favorites and see their posts higher in your feed

When you add an account to your Favorites, you’ll see their posts higher and more often. And you can see a dedicated feed of just your favorites to quickly catch up on their posts. There are no suggested posts in this view, and we never share who’s in your Favorites list. To choose your Favorites, tap the Instagram logo at the top left and add up to 50 friends, family members, creators, or businesses. You can also tap the three-dot menu on any post and then select ‘Add to favorites’ directly from your feed.

selecting following or favorites feeds in the app by tapping on Instagram in the top left corner

See posts from accounts you follow in chronological order

Following shows posts just from accounts you follow, starting with the most recent post first. As with Favorites, there are no suggested posts in this view, and you can see the last 30 days of posts to catch up on what you may have missed. To see posts in chronological order just from the accounts you follow, tap the Instagram logo on Home and choose Following.

Make suggested posts more relevant for you

Your feed is personalized for you and includes a mix of posts from accounts you follow, and suggested posts from accounts you don’t follow but may be interested in. We also show you suggested posts in places like Explore, as well as the Shop and Reels tabs. Today, suggested posts in feed are one way people discover new creator accounts on Instagram and how creators reach new audiences. Suggested posts are personalized for you based on what you interact with on Instagram, and you can provide feedback so that suggested posts are more relevant to your interests.

Use the ‘Not Interested’ control

When you see a post you don’t find interesting or relevant, tap the three-dot menu and then select ‘Not Interested’, or tap the X at the top right of a suggested post on Home. Tapping ‘Not Interested’ removes the post from your feed immediately, and we’ll suggest fewer posts like it in the future.

opening the settings to select 'Not Interested' for a post

Adjust your ‘Sensitive Content Control’

We’ve always had rules about what kind of content can be on Instagram, we call these Community Guidelines, for example, we don’t allow hate speech, bullying, and other content that might present a risk of harm to people. But you may see content that doesn’t break the rules, but could be upsetting to some. We recognize that everybody has different preferences, so you can decide to leave things as they are, assuming you’re satisfied with your experience today, or you can adjust the Sensitive Content Control to see more or less of some types of sensitive content. For people under the age of 18, the “More” option is unavailable. To view your Sensitive Content Control go to your profile, tap the Settings menu, tap Account and tap Sensitive Content control.

settings to manage how much sensitive content you want to see - More, Standard, or Less

Snooze suggested posts

Suggested posts in your feed are posts from accounts you don’t follow but may be interested in. If you want to take a break from suggested posts in your feed, you can easily snooze them for 30 days. To snooze suggested posts, tap the X on the top right corner, and then tap ‘snooze all suggested posts for 30 days’. You can also tap the three-dot menu and select ‘Not Interested’ on a specific post so that we can improve the quality of your suggested posts.

post snoozed in feed

We’re testing new controls

We’re always working on ways people can help shape what they see across Instagram. We are now testing the ability to select multiple posts within Explore and mark them as ‘Not Interested’ all at once. Like ‘Not Interested’ in feed, we’ll immediately hide those posts and refrain from showing you similar content in the future. In addition, we’ll soon start testing the ability to tell Instagram you don’t want to see suggested posts with certain hashtags or caption keywords. Whether you’re seeing something that’s not relevant, or have moved on from something you used to like, you can use this feature to stop seeing content that’s not interesting to you.

We hope these controls can help you get more out of your feed. We’re always working on ways to further personalize your feed, so stay tuned for new features that will help you see more of what you want on Instagram.