Celebrating 10 years of Instagram


A look back at Instagram's evolution through the years.

OCTOBER 6, 2010

Instagram Launches

By December, 1 million people create an account

  • MARCH 2011

    Instagram debuts the "classic" app logo

  • SEPTEMBER 2011

    By September, there are 10 million people on Instagram

APRIL 2012

Instagram joins Facebook


100M people use Instagram every month

  • JUNE 2013

    And...action! Instagram launches videos

  • DECEMBER 2013

    Instagram introduces DMs


300M people use Instagram every month

  • AUGUST 2015

    Instagram expands photo formats, going beyond the square

  • SEPTEMBER 2015

    Things get a little loopy with Boomerang, a whole new way to capture and share

MARCH 2016

Ranked feed lets you see the posts you care about first

MAY 2016

Instagram gets a whole new look, app icon and all


Stories launches worldwide, and Instagram pledges to focus on well-being


Instagram introduces Live broadcasting

  • MARCH 2017

    Stories gets an upgrade with the addition of location tags and hashtags

  • MAY 2017

    The possibilities expand further with AR effects on Instagram

JUNE 2018

IGTV brings long-form videos to the app

Music in Stories makes everything sound way cooler

1B people use Instagram every month

  • MARCH 2019

    Instagram introduces shopping, a new way to shop and buy products you love without leaving the app

  • DECEMBER 2019

    Instagram announces new anti-bullying tools and takes a stand against bullying on the app, continuing well-being focus


Instagram launches Reels, a fun, new way to create, share, and watch entertaining content from your favorite creators

As Instagram has evolved, you've shown that there are infinite possibilities of how to share the world around us. Your creativity, curiosity, and humor push us forward, creating the future. Let's keep going!