Celebrating Lunar New Year on Instagram

February 12, 2021

This Lunar New Year, the world is celebrating differently. As people take precautions against COVID-19, they're turning to Instagram to connect in creative new ways. Today we're launching a few features to make the virtual celebrations even more festive.

Instagram Lunar New Year stickers in app
Instagram Lunar New Year stickers in app
  • At the top of the sticker tray in Stories, you will see an exclusive Sticker pack designed by graphic artist @naomiostu. The design embraces the spirit of the Year of the Ox.
  • When you post a story with the Lunar New Year stickers, your photos and videos will be added to a collective shared story at the top of your Stories tray.
  • A new Lunar New Year AR effect, titled “Year of the Ox” is available now in the effects gallery.
  • Throughout the holiday, @Instagram will feature food creator @___jamon and Domino artist @hevesh5, who will share how they’re celebrating Lunar New Year.

Instagram wishes those celebrating good fortune, health and wealth in the coming year.

More on @naomiotsu: Naomi Otsu is a graphic designer and illustrator based in New York. Her work often features a colorful array of elements inspired by the cities and cultures she grew up in. She currently is a freelancer undertaking a variety of projects.

More on @___jamon: Moon-mi You runs a home cafe in Korea, making videos of drinks with the intent of sending the message "I am not a professional, but I can enjoy home baking and cafe-style drinks at home even if I make mistakes.” She has recently expanded her video series to include a wide range of foods, including baking and cooking.

More on @hevesh5: Lily Hevesh is a professional Domino Artist, based out of Boston, MA, who designs, builds, and topples thousands of dominoes to create beautifully intricate chain reactions. Her work has been viewed over 1 billion times on social media where she has gained over 3,000,000 followers.