Building a Safer Community: Protecting Intimate Images

April 05, 2017

In partnership with Facebook, today we are rolling out new tools to help people when intimate images are shared on Instagram without their permission. When this content, often referred to as “revenge porn,” is reported to us, we can now remove it and prevent it from being shared on Instagram (including Instagram Direct), Facebook and Messenger. This is the next step in fostering a safer, kinder community.

To report an intimate image, tap the … menu on any post, choose Report, select It’s inappropriate, and then choose Harassment or bullying. Anyone in the community can report an intimate image that appears to be shared without someone’s consent. Specially trained representatives from our Community Operations team will review the image and remove it if it violates our Community Guidelines. We then use photo-matching technology to help stop future attempts to share the image on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

If applicable, we will also disable the account for sharing intimate images without permission. Additionally, we are partnering with safety organizations to offer resources and support to the victims of this behavior.

We continue to build tools that safeguard our community. To stay up to date on these changes, visit