Instagram Releases “Close Friends Only” Podcast Episode featuring Reneé Rapp and Rachel Sennott

June 27, 2024

Today, Instagram released the second episode of its video-first podcast “Close Friends Only,” featuring musician/actress Reneé Rapp and comedian/actress Rachel Sennott. The duo spill tea on upcoming projects, how they became friends, how they flirt on Instagram, and reveal some juicy secrets in their first-ever sit down together.

“Close Friends Only” is available now across streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube, iHeartRadio, and Apple Podcasts.

Podcast highlights:

  • Mutuals: Reneé + Rachel share how they took their friendship from IG to IRL (and who had a crush on who) (1:10), and how a mishap on their 23rd birthdays brought them together (31:28)
  • Close Friends: Rachel will add you to her Close Friends list on IG if you ask, while Reneé says she “takes bitches on and off [her list] with a quickness” (11:45)
  • Career Talk: Reneé hints she’s working on her next album (29:28); Rachel shares her theater kid origins (5:40) and her fave characters she’s played (27:30)
  • Heart Eyes: The duo share how they make a move on IG, with Rachel claiming IG is better for flirting than a dating app (15:10)
  • Snow Angels: Rachel sings a rendition of her fave Reneé song (6:00) and Reneé reveals her fave lyric she’s written (23:55)
  • Celeb Faves: Reneé says her celeb crush is Mark Cuban (19:55); Rachel wants to trade lives with former castmate Troye Sivan (35:45)

About Close Friends Only

Welcome to Close Friends Only, with Instagram. The podcast where your favorite duos connect a little deeper, reveal a little more about themselves, and give you a glimpse into their green circle of trust.