@shop Account Is Now Open

May 09, 2019

Today, @shop opens.

@shop is a new account created for our community of people who love to shop, brought to you by the team at Instagram. 🌈✨

@shop is a celebration of small businesses and the creators behind them. The content on this account is inspired by our community of shoppers – you. @shop is a real-time reflection of our community’s interests across top shopping categories like fashion, beauty, home decor and more.

On @shop, you’ll find emerging brands like Feel jeans, products like Glossier Play Colorslide, founders like KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson of Mented Cosmetics, and the latest trends… because one can never have too many statement barrettes.

The best part? Every product featured on @shop includes product tags so you can easily tap to shop!

Follow @shop to discover and shop 💄👗👡🎒👚 from around the world.