Instagram Reels Tips and Tricks

June 20, 2024

The latest and greatest from Reels

Since its launch in 2020, Instagram Reels introduced a new way for people to share and discover short, entertaining videos. With Reels, you can produce multi-clip videos with audio, visual, text and interactive effects. Whether you want to hone your cinematic directing chops or just have a fun way to express yourself, Reels offers anyone the chance to share videos that can reach your friends.

We are constantly working on new ways to help you share what you’re interested in. Here’s a deep dive into our latest features, quick tips, and examples of how people are using Instagram Reels in interesting ways.

Close Friends

UI screen showing adding only close friends to a reel.

Sometimes, you might want to share a reel with a tight-knit group of friends or specific people without it being seen by everyone. Now, you can control who sees your reels, by sharing a reel to Close Friends, giving you even more ownership over what you share. This feature also works for both public and private Instagram accounts.

Here’s how to share reels to Close Friends:

  1. Create your reel
  2. Before you share your reel, tap “Audience”
  3. When asked who would you like to share your reel with, select “Close Friends”
  4. Enjoy

Quick tip:

People won’t be notified when you add or remove them from your Close Friends list, so you can update your list at any time.

Try posting a Reel now to your Close Friends!

Multiple Collabs

UI screenshots showing how to invite collaborators to help increase number of people who can see a Reel.

When you make a reel with others, it’s nice to give them credit, plus it expands how many people see your post. That’s why Reels allows you to invite multiple collaborators. If your friends accept your collaboration invite, the number of people who can see your content will increase.

Here’s how to add multiple collaborators:

  1. Create your Reel
  2. Before you share your Reel, tap “Tag people”
  3. Hit “Invite collaborators”
  4. Add up to 5 collaborators
  5. Select “Share” and increase your reach like a pro

Pro tip:

If you have a private account, you can still start your own reel and invite other collaborators as long as they follow you back.

Captions to music

UI screens showing how to add music captions over your Reels by selecting the “Aa” icon after selecting a song.

Adding captions to music is another way to enhance your Reel. When you add a song to your Reel you can have the lyrics of the song animate on whatever you want to shoot. Whether you want to make a music video for your favorite song or just feel that the lyrics to a song are the best way to share your current mood, this is a fun way to enhance your Reels. You can also customize how the lyrics show up on your reel by choosing the font style and positioning the captions where you want on the screen.

Here’s how to add captions:

  1. Tap “Reel”
  2. Record your “Reel”
  3. Tap the music icon
  4. Select a song
  5. Hit the “Aa” font style you like for the captions
  6. Position where you want the lyrics to show up
  7. Share and enjoy


UI screenshots showing how templates can be used on Reels to help express yourself easily.

It’s even easier to find inspiration and express yourself in just a few taps. With Reels Templates, you can reuse elements that inspire you. Here are some new updates to Templates:

New browser

Browse, save, and discover templates organized by categories based on what is recommended, trending, and templates or audio you have already saved.

Learn from example

Get inspiration by seeing how others used a creator’s template to share something unique before adding their own spin.

Integrate the same effects

The same effects that are used in the original reel will be preloaded on your Template.

New and improved editing

Add or remove clips, adjust the timing of individual clips, or edit any preloaded element. More control means even better content.

Fun ways to use Reels


Sometimes you just need to post something that will put a smile on your friend’s face. Memes are a great way to share an inside joke, a silly insight, or a funny observation.

One take

Are you getting ready for a basketball game? Want to give people a tour of your redesigned bedroom? Just discovered a new hiking trail? You can create a one-take reel that follows your point of view.


What’s your favorite new restaurant? How are you feeling about your latest job interview? Whatever you are up to, let the world know how you are doing with a reel that follows your day-to-day activities.

Behind the scenes

Many people who use Reels are working on another project and want to document the experience. It is always nice to give people an inside look at your passion projects.

Voice over content

This is a great way to share without having to be “on camera.” Simply shoot whatever you want and talk about it off-camera. You can also add music or subtitles to make the reel more engaging.

Photo showcase

You don’t need just video clips to make a reel. If you are a photographer and want to show off your latest work, you can make a slideshow with music and fun video effects.

We’re always looking for new ways to improve the way you make connections with the world around you. Stay tuned for new features in Reels to improve your everyday experience.