Making Explore an Even Better Home for Your Interests

May 16, 2019

People turn to Explore when they want to branch out from the accounts they already follow on Instagram. Today we’re announcing new designs in Explore, bringing you more ways to discover photos, videos, products and Stories relevant to your interests.

When you go to Explore, you’ll now see a newly designed navigation bar, which features shortcuts to IGTV and Shopping followed by topic channels tailored to your interests, such as Food, Art and Travel. “IGTV” and “Shop” shortcuts are pinned to the front of the bar, making it easier to find products and videos from brands and creators you love.

In addition to adding these shortcuts, the new designs bring much more immersive IGTV and Shopping experiences to Explore. By tapping on “IGTV,” you’ll see the recently updated home for IGTV, where you can browse a personalized feed of recommended videos from creators you follow or may want to follow. By tapping on “Shop,” you’ll now have access to category filters in the navigation bar. These filters let you browse specific types of products on Instagram, including Beauty, Clothing, Home Decor and more. This feature will start rolling out in the US today.

Stories is an important way for people to connect with their interests on the platform, and over 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. To help people experience the full breadth of interest content on Instagram, the redesigned Explore grid will now feature Stories. In the same way that Explore recommends posts based on topics you’re interested in, the grid will now provide you with personalized Stories recommendations. We’ll begin rolling this out over the coming weeks.

Today’s launch marks an important step forward for Explore, which is used by more than 50% of accounts on Instagram every month. Explore considers the universe of content posted to Instagram every day and surfaces what’s most relevant to you. Now, with new ways to discover the best of Instagram, we’re making Explore an even better place to connect with your interests.