Meet the Artists: Geostickers for Instagram Stories

April 20, 2017

Today we’re rolling out geostickers in Rio de Janeiro. As you’re traveling through Rio, you’ll see brand new geostickers appear throughout the city, each designed by local artists to capture the vibe of the city that they call home. You can add as many stickers as you want, adjust their size and placement and mix and match with other creative tools to make any moment more fun.

Last week, we brought geostickers made by community artists to Chicago, London, Madrid and Tokyo. When you see a geosticker while viewing stories on Instagram, tap it to see the artist’s name and tap again to discover more photos and videos from the location it represents.

We invite you to meet all the artists who have worked with us to bring their cities to life by checking out their accounts listed below.

Rio de Janeiro

Darruda (@darrudadesign)
Gabriel Mello Franco (@gabrielmellofranco)
Thiago Reginato (@tipocali)
Rafael Uzai (@rafaeluzai)


Fern Choonet (@fernchoonetillus)
Shogo Sekine (@shogosekine0319)
Takeshi Terayama (@takeshiterayama)
Okamura Yuta (@okamurayuta)
Taco (@tacos_cat)
Yumi Kitagishi (@yumikitagishi)


Marylou Faure (@maryloufaure)
Joshua Harris (@theaboarddude)
Will Paterson (@willpat)
Pez & Pencil (@pezandpencil)
George Townley (george.townley)


Jenna Blazevich (@vichcraft)
Jesse Hora (@jessehora)
Kyle Letendre (@heykyle)
Maggie Sichter (@littlepatterns)
Cristina Vanko (@cristinavanko)


Bnomio (@bnomio)
Joluvian (@joluvian)
Susie Hammer (@susie_hammer)
Alex de Marcos (@mundopiruuu)
Abraham Menéndez (@abetheapedeco)
José Antonio Roda (@josearoda)
Pau Sanz i Villa (@sanz_i_villa)