Instagram Community Data Policy

April 19, 2018

Our Data Policy explains how we collect, use, and share your data, and it covers all the Facebook Products, including Instagram. It also identifies where you can go to get more information and to find tools and controls for managing your data. Read the full Data Policy

Understanding Data: What Is It?

Data allows us to provide a personalized experience to different people, and to learn new things and improve our service. Examples of the types of data we collect include: the content you provide when you post, like or comment, your connections, your transactions, and your usage of our products. We also collect information that other people provide about you, like when they tag you in a photo. We also collect information from your device, such as identifiers, cookies, and information you can control using your device settings, including your camera, microphone and different kinds of location information, along with information from our partners, like websites you visit, apps you use or purchases you make.

Why We Collect Data About You

We try to understand your interests to personalize your experience (including what you see in your feed and ads). We also collect data in our ongoing effort to promote security, integrity, and safety, and in our efforts to detect and prevent spam. We use data in our research, such as when we try to understand and stop bullying and harassment. We don’t sell your content or data. We never have, and we never will. You own your photos and videos.

Sharing Your Data

We share your data with people and accounts on Instagram, depending on the audience you choose, your settings, and the features you use. Remember that public information can be seen by anyone. Who else sees your data:

  • Services (like apps and websites) you choose to give access to your Instagram information, like if you use a service to see all your social media together. You can revoke their access to your information, here.
  • Advertisers. We help advertisers understand whether their ads are effective. We also share with companies that help to make reports for advertisers. But we don’t share information that personally identifies you (information such as your name or email address that by itself can be used to contact you or identifies who you are) unless you give us permission.
  • Companies that offer things through Instagram, like if you buy something and provide your shipping address.
  • Vendors and service providers we hire to help us with our business.
  • Researchers and academics, like to try to understand how to stop bullying and harassment online.
  • Legal requests (like from a court or law enforcement), when consistent with the law and our policies.
  • We also share aggregated data, like for business profiles on Instagram so they can understand interactions with their accounts.

How To Access and Download Your Data

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How To Delete Your Data

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