Meet the Artists Behind the Kindness Stickers in Instagram Stories

September 26, 2017

Turn any photo or video into a visual expression of kindness by using the new heart-shape sticker collection. All six stickers were made by artists from our global community.

When you see a kindness sticker in someone’s story, tap it to find out who created it.

We invite you to meet all the artists who have worked with us in this celebration by checking out their accounts listed below.

Chocomoo (@yukachocomoo) – Yuka, who goes by the artist name “Chocomoo,” is an emerging illustrator from Kyoto, Japan. Her distinctive style of art can be best described as “pop” and “monotone,” gaining inspiration from rock and hip-hop music as well as traditional calligraphy.

Harry Hambley (@ketnipz) – Harry is an artist from Cardiff, Wales, who is the mind behind the KETNIPZ brand and “Bean” character. He came up with the idea for the “Bean” through casual doodling, but over the course of a year developed it into a lighthearted and relatable character. Harry promotes positive and inspiring messages through his designs.

Adam J. Kurtz (@adamjk) – Adam is an NYC-based artist and author of 1 Page at a Time and Pick Me Up. His design and illustration is rooted in honesty, humor and a little darkness. He embraces the world with optimism and it truly interested in the ephemera of daily life and creating honest, accessible work.

Patricia Leda (@sublinhando) – Patricia from São Paulo, Brazil has always been super passionate about literature. Through her illustrations, she tries to capture the essence of her favorite books. A lot of what she creates is related to her daily inspiration – people who are in love with their life and what they do, daily life reflections – and, of course, books.

Diela Maharanie (@dielamaharanie) – Diela is an illustrator based in Jakarta. She aims to create a bright colorful world with a touch of irony. Despite the colorful scenery, her characters remain melancholy. Through her art, she tries to develop her aesthetic sense as a channel to express her thoughts and ideas or respond to what’s going on around her.

YAWN (@weareyawn) – Annika Janssen and Sandra Greiling from Germany make up YAWN. They met at art school and have been working together in Dortmund since 2010. They work mainly in the music and apparel industries designing album artwork, merch, illustrations, handlettering and logos. Their favorite color is rainbow.